Our Cause at Simply Bee.org

A closer look into the impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on bees.

Greetings, Readers. Today I decided to include a great visual representation that I found on the world wide web. This infographic does a great job of showing the impact of environmental threats that honeybees face — and have already been facing. We are at a crucial point of action not only in terms of environmental action, but also politically. In fact, Maryland is actually the first state to propose the ban of neonicotinoids on private and residential use. For more information about Maryland’s ban, please click here.

infographic honeybee extinction

So, what can we do about this increasing threat to pollinators like honeybees? Well, here at Simply Bee, our goal is to create a nonprofit with a three-prong plan to drastically reduce the use of pesticides regionally (SW Colorado), as well as maintain a bee habitat. We are also releasing a line of 100% natural (that’s right – we don’t even use preservatives or emulsifiers) beauty products that will go directly back into the nonprofit.

Please help us get started today by visiting our donor page here.

Thanks for stopping by! Please share our cause with your friends! What’s your favorite honeybee contribution?


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