How to Make Instant Pot Enchilada Lasagna

Enchiladas always have a method of hitting the spot. Chicken enchiladas are among my favourite Mexican recipes. To back up a little bit, they are my favorite dish of all time. Of course you cannot have chicken enchiladas without the true chicken.

You’re able to use precooked chicken. Leftover chicken would likewise get the job done. You may also utilize shredded rotisserie chicken.

If your recipe demands flour, look at using cornstarch or a gluten-free mix. Ensure you check out all my easy recipes even though you’re here! There are a lot of RECIPES you can possibly make to your Instant Pot (pressure cooker).  Anyway, if you’re interested in Instant Pot recipes, particularly ones you may prep ahead, you’ve got to have a look at her blog!

Luckily, enchilada sauce is truly simple to make and ready in approximately 15 minutes. Of course, if it’s the case that you do have a canned enchilada sauce that you like, don’t hesitate to use that instead. If you want to use an actual homemade enchilada sauce, I suggest making Cookie and Kate’s recipe.

The sauce couldn’t be simpler. The enchilada sauce is produced with easy spices. It is possible to certainly use store-bought enchilada sauce to conserve a step if you prefer. So simple, you won’t ever return to store bought enchilada sauce again.

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